Out of Order

by Adventure Man

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All tracks written by Gad de Combes, except tracks 2, 3 and 9 Written by Gad de Combes, Marc de la Querra and Jacques Du Plessis

Tracks 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 Recorded at The Backline by Evert Snyman
Produced by Evert and Gad
Vocals, Ukulele and Synths by Gad
Beats, Bass, Guitars, Backup Vocals and Guest Lead Vocal on track 10 by Evert
Drums on Track 4 and 8: Marc De La Querra

Tracks 2, 3 and 9 Recorded at High Seas Studios by Jacques Du Plessis
Produced by Marc, Jacques and Gad
Vocals, Ukulele and Synths by Gad
Beats, Bass, Guitars and Backup Vocals by Jacques
Banjo, Ukulele, Guitars, Backup Vocals and Guest Lead Vocal on track 2 by Marc
Drums on track 9 by Po-Chung Chen

Additional Production on tracks 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 by Marc and Jacques

All tracks mixed and mastered by Jacques at High Seas Studios, with special thanks to Evert and Louise Eksteen

Cover Photo by Hanro Havenga, design by Gad, Hanro and Marc de la Querra at MILKBOX


released September 4, 2013

All Tracks (c) 2013 Confabulation Music

contact: daniel@confabulationmusic.com



all rights reserved


Adventure Man Johannesburg, South Africa

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Track Name: Richard Parker
227 days on a boat.
Gotta do what you gotta do, to keep afloat.
The days get longer, and the nights get darker,
But to make it worse, there's a tiger... Richard Parker!

Richard Parker, why did you leave?
I needed you more than you needed me.
We spent so long together, I thought that we'd be friends
I thought that you would stay with me, until the end

A tiger isn't built to last at sea.
Every single day was spent trying to eat me.
Sleeping with eye open, and one behind my back,
It starts to wear it's toll, and I begin to crack
Track Name: Grow Up (feat Marc de la Querra)
Cartoons on a Saturday morning
were the only thing to get me through the week
The birds are tweeting and the grass is green
I'm not going outside, my eyes are glued to the screen

When you get older, cartoons are still great
It's a game of chess, I'm at a stale mate
They say: "Stop being a child
your time is over, stop being wild!"

It doesn't matter what the grown ups say
They can talk all they want, I'll still do it my way
I'm not really one to lead by example
I don't wanna grow up, it's only natural

When we were young, we ran this town
We used to ride our bikes til the sun went down
Without a care we had nothing to lose
But always made it home in time for Scooby Doo

So many crazes back in the day
Silly things we used to say...
X-men cards and dinosaurs
Rocking the Megadrive with the Monsters In My Pocket
Mortal Kombat all night long
Dino Riders on my favorite Pajamas
and after all of this, we're still the same

I don't wanna grow up
Track Name: Clumsy
Clumsy is my middle name.
But that's okay, cos i feel no pain
With two left feet, and gangly arms,
I try my best to stay calm

I get excited by the silliest of things.
I often go running when the doorbell rings
I couldn't be a thief, I'd just leave a trail
I like my bed too much, don't wanna go to jail

Don't wanna go to jail, no-oh-oh

Smashed vases and broken glasses never stopped me before.
And even a thousand plasters, only leaves me wanting more...
Cos I'm clumsy

I guess I'm just used to it now
No point in changing, I like it anyhow
I can't buy expensive toys
They break so quick, and make a big noise

Don't make a big noise, no-oh-oh
Track Name: Breaking Bad
Sometimes life deals you a foul hand,
It'll punch you in the gut.
It takes a real man to admit he's beaten,
And a bigger one to not.

So I took what I knew, and put it to good use.
I was only thinking of you.
If I knew it would end up like this,
I don't know, what would you do?

I'm doing good but I'm breaking bad.
Old habits can drive you mad.
Just because you're not looking, doesn't mean it's not there
I know you may hate me, but it's for the best

No one will trust me, and I can't trust them.
I'm in it by myself for now
One day you might understand,
Then I will show you how

I am the one, who is the danger
I am the one who knocks
You used to think i could save myself,
But I'm still stubborn as an ox

Old habits can drive you mad
Track Name: Super Monsters Ate My Condo
Reginald Starfire was a normal guy
Got famous in a boy band, no one knows why
He dreamed of being a unicorn
Ever since the day that he was born
With all the money that he made from the band,
He paid some crazy doctors to change him

Super Monsters Ate My Condo
Ate me out of house and home
Don't make them angry, don't make them mad!
Give em want they want or thing will go from good to bad

Boathead was born from a nuclear leak
He was just a local crab who mutated quick
He was so strong, he didn't even know
His actions made Mr Shigoto
He dropped a tank of nuclear waste
On a Japanese businessman, with beer on his face!

Lord Ferocious may look very cute
He's a big eyed pug in a diving suit!
The last survivor of a soviet team
His lasers will turn you into mince meat!
Track Name: Oh Sammy!
Playing games that never end
He just wants to be your friend
Like the bunny, in that battery ad
He never stops, until you're driven mad

Oh Sammy, I know you just wanna play
It's getting late now, tomorrow's another day
Oh Sammy, how can I say "no"?
When you stare at me with those big blue eyes
I'll just take the ball
and give it a throw

I think it's all that he thinks about
If you don't give in, he'll just sit and pout
Sorry Sammy, you should be herding sheep
But as it turns out, you're stuck with me
Track Name: Groundhog Day
It must get old, waking up everyday to the same song.
When nothing you do matters, and everything is wrong.
Things won't be different, if you don't change yourself.
You'll start to mold if you don't move, like a musty book, on a shelf

It'll stay the same
It's you that makes it that way
Who's to blame?
It's a Groundhog Day

It can be nice, waking up everyday to the same song.
When everything you do matters, and nothing can go wrong.
You can make things different, and do it by yourself.
Just pack up all your nonsense and put it on the shelf

The more things change, the more they stay the same
Track Name: Volcano Levels
Once a villain, now he's a friend
DK takes Diddy with him to the end.
Now our hero was once, a peace loving ape
til the Kremlings took his princess away

Onward they go, like Frodo and Co
They travel through wind and snow.
But no one said it was gonna be easy
What's coming up next can make a grown man queasy

Oh no, oh no! Get out the way!
The volcano levels are rising again!
Dodge the lava and look out for flames!
The volcano levels are rising again!

At the end of each stage, a boss will appear
challenge our heroes, challenge their fears
But the duo are smart, they'll work as a team
Going to places, that no ape has been

Picking up barrels, collecting gold coins
And all the pieces of a puzzle that will finally join
At the end of the day, when the princess is safe,
All DK and Diddy can do is wait

When the game is over, and they've done all they can do
They've got to keep their eyes pealed, looking through and through
Time is ticking, but that's nothing new
Watch out now, the're coming straight for you!
Track Name: Upside Down
If things were upside down,
I wouldn't know what to do
Just turn them the right way round
So I'd be there with you

If we lived far apart
It wouldn't be so bad
I'm just a phone call away
So you won't get sad

I know it'll be,
The hardest thing for you and me

No one, can tell me better,
If you want the girl,
Just go and get her
It's the only way, I know how
I guess that I should know better
But if she's the one
Just go and get her
It's the only way, I know how

If you were here with me
I'd know just what to say
I'd tell you you're the best thing
That i found in May
Track Name: Confabulation (feat Evert Snyman)
Have you ever had a dream so real,
You now believed you lived it?
Mixing space and time and facts
You remember all the good bits

It's not easy to discern
What is truth and what is fiction
You've got to get your story straight
Or remain a contradiction

You can make excuses all night long
Your words are fabrications
Things can't always go your way
It's a lie. Can't you see? A confabulation

Memories are fickle things
You tend to lose the bad ones
If I could be your hero now
That's how I want it to go down

Bits and pieces come together
To form the Perfect lie
A false start can confuse you
It's how we get by